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Tijba's values are your brand's strengths.

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An online branding firm, based in the Netherlands

In the Google world, it's not about who you know, it's who knows you. Tijba can help you as a publisher spread awareness about who you are and what you do.

About Tijba Online Publishing

At Tijba Online Publishing, we believe quality and consistency go hand-in-hand. We have rigorous quality control and certification procedures in order to maintain product excellence each and every time – in an industry where individual customization of orders is the norm. Branding and Marketing are in many cases the most critical and tangible measure of quality, particularly in very demanding conditions involving online presentation.

How do we function?

Tijba is committed to running efficient and profitable operations with the competitive edge required for long-term success and lasting customer relationships that are a hallmark of our business. Our long-term relationships with customers worldwide have been built on innovation and trust and in our ability to deliver quality products in the right place at the right time.

"The foundation of long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships"

Tijba has a multinational management team. Together they provide the combination of technical expertise, commercial skills and teamwork ethic required to understand and deliver against customers’ evolving needs. A commitment to delivery of innovative product solutions is not only the foundation of a competitive edge in the marketplace, it is also the source of a great deal of personal pride. Tijba people are passionate about what they do. Our management believes in open, progressive relationships amongst colleagues across the Tijba network as well as with of course, our customers. At Tijba, the solutions-based ethos has tangible benefits for customers. For example, our technicians frequently visit customer sites to overcome process issues and meet end-user needs exactly. Our in-house laboratory research capabilities are often the source of solutions to challenging issues experienced by customers. Above all, we commit to a partnership approach with customers. This has proved to be the foundation of long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships and is reflected in our size, strength and competitive presence in the marketplace.